CastleMiner Z FAQ

What is CastleMiner Z?

CastleMiner Z is a building/Zombie Survival Horror game for the Xbox 360 and PC

What Platforms is CastleMiner Z on?

CastleMiner Z is availible on Xbox and the PC. You can download it here

What can I do in CastleMiner Z?

In CastleMiner Z you can build and modify a block based environment. Craft tools, weapons (such as guns) and ammo, to help you survive.

I have heard of CastleMiner, is this the same game?

No, CastleMiner is a seprate product. CastleMiner is a pure creative building game with over 200 block types on sale for 80 MSP. You can GET IT HERE.

Does CastleMiner Z have Multiplayer?

Yes, CastleMiner Z features 8 player coop multiplayer.